EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT! GIRLTRASH: All Night Long, the DVD to be released February 1st, 2014

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After way too long of a wait, POWER UP proudly announces the release of the full-length feature of the musical comedy, GIRLTRASH: All Night Long.

Based on Angela Robinson’s extremely successful web series sponsored by Showtime, GIRLTRASH: All Night Long, (the feature) stars Lisa Rieffel (lead singer of Killola), Michelle Lombardo (Quarterlife), Gabrielle Christian and, Mandy Musgrave (South of Nowhere), Rose Rollins, Kate French,Clementine Ford (L word) and Megan Cavanagh.

Made through POWER UP’s Filmmaking Mentorship Program, GIRLTRASH: All Night Long, is the tale of 5 girls in one epic night, where they find sex, drugs and rock-n-roll in this romantic musical comedy about going for broke and believing in yourself.

The film was directed by first time feature director Alex Kondracke, the wife of Robinson, and executive produced by Stacy Codikow (D.E.B.S., Itty Bitty Titty Committee), produced by Lisa Thrasher (Itty Bitty Titty Committee) and Angela Robinson (L word, True Blood, Hung).

“This is an amazing original fun ride from Robinson, who is known for her pop style,” stated Gina Goff, POWER UP President of Production, “Can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Director Alex Kondracke and Writer/Producer Angela RobinsonRumor, gossip, and bullshit aside, THIS IS ANGELA ROBINSON’s cut, her version of what she wants you to see! Her version, her way.

This film is only available through POWER UP and can be ordered at girltrashallnightlong.com or powerupfilms.org


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GIRLTRASH: All Night Long Screens in Palm Springs to Enthusiastic Viewers

WE HAD FUN!!!!!! Thank you all for coming out to support POWER UP and see GIRLTRASH: All Night Long in Palm Springs. Thank you friends, patrons and supporters! Thank you JIAO!!! Thank you Boudoir! Thank you Palm Springs Friends, Thank you gals from Las Vegas, Tempe and Los Angeles too! POWER UP Films loves you!!!!!

Post Production takes time aka DON’T WORRY, WHEN IT IS DONE WE WILL LET YOU KNOW! #8

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When can we watch the preview of GIRLTRASH the movie? Got a release date yet? When can we purchase the movie? Hey just wondering will GIRLTRASH be posted on a website or go to DVD or play in theaters? I WANT GIRLTRASH!!! Any release date for the movie set? I can’t wait anymore!! Not soon enough LOL, I cant frikkin wait. Hey I’ve got a question, when is the premiere of the film? I can’t wait till the movie comes out! (taken from GIRLTRASHmovie@twitter.com)

Post Production takes time aka DON’T WORRY, WHEN IT IS DONE WE WILL LET YOU KNOW!

Generally the process of assembling the film and post-production isn’t part of the excitement of filmmaking. It’s probably because “post” just isn’t as sexy as production. You don’t have all of action that goes along with the actors, crew, fun, food, frivolity but post is a HUGE part of the process of movie making. Many people, many months, many stages must be completed in order to distribute a film and GIRLTRASH: ALL NIGHT LONG is no different. We are currently in our second month of editing the picture. Alex, the director spends her days with Chris Hill, the editor, going over shots, selecting takes, choosing the best performances, creating meaningful moments and telling the story.

Stacy Codikow, Angela Robinson, Lisa Thrasher, front Chris Hill, Alex Kondracke & Jamie Babbit

Generally, the editor will begin to assemble the film while it is still shooting. A couple of weeks after the production wraps, the director will begin the process of working with the editor. A director is generally given about ten weeks to re-cut the editor’s assembly. Then the producers come in and begin the note process. Then, the director and editor take those notes to bring the final film into focus. They cut, massage, cut, re-massage until the producers sign off on the picture. They call this a “picture lock.”

You might think that is the end but then the real fun begins. It could take months to do all the final polishing work that goes into the completion of a film. Sound work (including dialogue clean up, foley, ADR, sound FX, sound design, scoring, recording, and mixing) color correction, online transfer, title design are just some of the many steps still needed to complete a film. This final stage of the film still doesn’t get it out to the viewers. It is followed by the time and work needed to find distribution so everyone can finally it!

GIRLTRASH: All Night Long is currently being cut by the director and editor. They are working on the director’s cut. We have seen the editor’s assemblage of the picture (and laughed our asses off because the story is so damn good.) We are all excited and can hardly wait to see how great it will be with all of the other elements in place. Songs are being considered as background music and the film is developing into the story that Angela Robinson wanted to tell. Photos are being shot for the poster, more songs are being written for the film. We will be doing a few re-shoots and pick-ups too. Lots more to be done, lots. Anticipated completion date: end of 2010.

So 2011, we start will film festivals and go from there. Stay tuned. You’ll be the first to know!


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… was kind of a blur. It happened really fast. And was really fun. But now that I’m writing about it I realize it is the story of how a webisode became an ensemble comedy and then a rock musical. In the span of about six weeks.

Okay… so… the script for GIRLTRASH: ALL NIGHT LONG started as part of the web series. In it’s original inception, the web series of Girltrash was going to be a series of 2-3 minute webisodes telling an open-ended story of a group of women involved in an unfolding crime story. Once the narrative was established, we were going to add buttons where viewers could see spin-off videos that gave context to the current action. So I wrote a bunch of mini-scripts one of which was – “CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW COLBY AND MISTY FIRST MET.” It was 30 pages and took place before the events of the webseries. The story involved the comic misadventures of Colby, a co-ed graduating from USC, who wanted her sister, Daisy, a low-level criminal and wannabe rock star, to take her to a gay-bar because she wanted to talk to a girl, Misty, who was WAY too cool for school for her.

Alex and I decided to re-purpose the 30 pages into an ensemble coming of age comedy that took place on one insane night like GO or SUPERBAD. It was tonally very different from the web-series, but doing a movie of the crime-story version of the web-series was going to be too expensive. Plus, I was interested in exploring what the characters in the web-series did on their time off from crime.

Next, I had to flesh out the stories of the other characters (Daisy, Tyler, Monique, etc.) and figure out where the night would take them. Then a funny thing happened. Lisa Rieffel who played Daisy in the web-series is actually in a rock band named Killola. And Alex and I had always thought it would be fun to do a Josie and the Pussycats type of thing and write Killola into the script. So, we came up with the idea that Daisy and Tyler were in a band and that they were trying to make it to a Battle of the Bands but would keep getting diverted by Colby/Misty/Monique, etc. So we asked Killola if we could use some of their songs so the rock band in the movie (Allota of Flame) could have something to play on-screen. I kept listening to all of Killola’s songs on a loop and then ONE DAY I was writing a scene where Daisy was pining away for her ex-girlfriend and I was listening to Killola’s song, “Traffic” and I had a vision of Daisy walking through this party and singing this song that reflected her emotional state, but nobody would notice her, like from “Hair” or a kind of “Hopelessly Devoted to You” type thing. I pitched the idea to Alex and she loved it. We were off to the races! Girltrash: All Night Long, our ensemble coming-of-age comedy, had just morphed into a rock-musical.

I’d send scenes to Killola and they would send me back the scene two days later as a song, with lyrics and a scratch track. It was frickin’ awesome. It was a really fantastic and very creative way to work. I pounded out the script in 6 weeks and by December they were shooting it. Alex and David the editor are madly cutting now – can’t wait to see how it all turns out! — Angela

POWER UP films (ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE, D.E.B.S.) celebrates 10 years with big bonuses for members, new revamped website, the announcement of the 10 Amazing Gays in Showbiz award to be presented on November 7th in Hollywood, CA, and the near completion of its second feature film GIRLTRASH: All Night Long.
…SEE WHAT’S IN IT FOR YOU!!! http://www.powerupfilms.org/

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GIRLTRASH: All Night Long blog#5

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Mentorship: men·tor    [men-tawr, -ter] –noun

1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. 2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter. —Synonyms 1. adviser, master, guide, preceptor. © Random House, Inc. 2010. Call me what you want, just hang on, understand what I say, and trust in what you do. Stacy Codikow, “Girltrash: All Night Long” Executive Producer and Mentor.

It never ceases to amaze me that every single person automatically understands what I am saying when I say WAX ON, WAX OFF.  This was such a poignant moment between teacher and student, man and boy, the Sensei and the Karate Kid. For the slight chance that one of you missed it, here is the reference: Daniel, a young wimpy kid who gets pushed around by all the bigger boys in High School, comes to the Karate Sensei and asks to learn Karate.  But, Daniel is confused and frustrated by the Sensei’s pedestrian teaching methods, because he is relegated to waxing dozens of cars in the hot sun.  What Daniel doesn’t realize is that, in the aggregate, these small tedious tasks are, in fact, the exact skills needed to become a Karate champ.  Of course, when challenged by the bullies in the Karate showdown, Daniel’s practice of car waxing has provided him with the advanced skills necessary to win.  This image has stayed with me for years and is, in fact, the basis of POWER UP’s one-of-a-kind educational program designed by me, the “POWER UP Filmmaking Mentorship Program.”

The Film and Television industry is one of the most competitive industries in the World. To succeed in this industry is especially difficult, since it remains an apprentice industry where 98% of what you must know to succeed can only be learned on the job.  Most failures – at all levels – primarily stem from arrogant & ignorant blunders of industry politics, social skills and missteps on the unmapped hierarchical ladder of respect, deference & politics.  Most people who blunder in this industry never get a second chance.  Therefore, learning these opaque & hard lessons (that can spiral you to failure the fastest) are crucial and best learned in an environment where second and third chances are given (but fourth chances are NOT) … this is the “POWER UP Filmmaking Mentorship Program!”

Future filmmakers apply to the “POWER UP Filmmaking Mentorship Program” from all over the world.  On the 2009/2010 “Girltrash: All Night Long” film production POWER UP had 40 Mentees, some of whom came in from Singapore, Australia, Utah, Washington, DC and San Francisco, but all showed up to learn.  To be a Mentee you must be available to commit to weeks, and sometimes months, of long hours, hard work and sometimes tedious tasks.  A good attitude, good work ethic, honesty, resilience and a desire to learn is necessary to be accepted into and graduate from this prestigious program, which will in turn provide you with the opportunity of a lifetime: to succeed, to learn and gain access & entrée into the most exciting industry in the world.

When Mentees falter, and they all do, I remind them of the basic principles needed to understand the politics and structure of the industry.  The most dangerous bosses in this industry are those that will never highlight an employee’s mistake, but they will yield it like a sword severing the head of the unwitting employee when needed.  As a result, the best gift POWER UP provides to all Mentees is pointing out the Mentees’ mistakes as they are made while incorporating and helping with the redirection necessary for Mentees to learn.  This “coaching” style is the best possible learning method because it teaches while in motion and solidifies the redirection.  This protects the Mentees, because in the real world you only get one mistake.

So, for example, when questioned, “why do I have to do craft service, when I am never gonna do this in my career?” or “why do the Mentees have to eat last in line?” or “why can’t I just do the one task I enjoy?” … I remind them that knowing the reasoning, nuance, processes and rules that are the foundation upon which all rests is crucial to your success when you move up, so you don’t step on toes and you don’t blunder … then I repeat … WAX ON, WAX OFF!

This POWER UP Filmmaking Mentorship Program also allows the Mentees to learn, participate and observe while they are being useful and contributing to the bigger picture.   Lessons were taught both on and off the set, where they worked as the backbone of the production: production assistants, grips, wardrobe assistants, assistant directors, transportation drivers, stand ins, extras, locations scouts, casting assistants, camera assistants, in the production office and in all other departments that needed them.  The Mentees were also able to shadow the Director; visit HBO’s “Hung” Television production office to meet with writer Angela Robinson; have roundtable discussions with director Alex Kondracke & producer Lisa Thrasher; and they always have access to consulting with me.  The Mentees had a blast, learned a ton, formed a bond of ever lasting friendships and some even fell in love (more on that next week).

I overheard on the set probably the best expressed sentiments of the mentees, it was said “There’s no other place where one can get this much access and education, it’s like film school meets Universal Studios tour with a trip to Fantasy Island thrown in!”

50% Boot Camp, 50% University, 100% awesome the “POWER UP Filmmaking Mentorship Program” is not for the faint of heart.  POWER UP has incorporated this incomparable educational program on the film productions of “Itty Bitty Titty Committee” and “GIRLTRASH: All Night Long” and has the Mentee success rate to prove that it works!

Next week we will hear from a mentee on her experiences…

GIRLTRASH: All Night Long Blog # 4 El Niño or how an 18-day-shoot became 28 and counting…

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GIRLTRASH: All Night Long Blog # 4
El Niño or how an 18-day-shoot became 28 and counting… One ambulance drive to the hospital; one doctor visit to the set; one terrifying 5-ton truck tire blow-out on the freeway, with one generator jackknife; one honey-wagon bathroom overflowed; one gas shut-off at a location; one (almost) electricity shut-off at another location; shutting down production for the holidays; shutting down production for two (2!) sick actors; and shutting down production for rain, rain, rain, rain, rain & hail, rain and rain.

One might think we are making a disaster movie, but, wait … aren’t we making a musical? Principal Photography started December 1st, 2009. There is something increadibly excitng about the first day.

The Permit and we are ready to GO!

You have a crew who is looking forward to the work; a wonderful cast (Lisa Rieffel, Michelle Lombardo, Gabrielle Christian, Mandy Musgrave and Rose Rollins) that have all been excited to make this film for a while; a director with a grin from ear to ear; and a Mentee program filled with people who flew in from all over the world just dying to get their hands dirty. The best part about the first day is everyone is super excited, super awake and intent on discovering their next BFF! Sure, we are shooting from 4:00 pm to 4:00 am six days a week, but the food is amazing, the frigid weather is a rustic & quaint backdrop for our new “survival” adventure and we have all the time (and money) in the world! VIDEO: Behind-The-Scenes, The First Day on GIRLTRASH:All Night Long

”It never rains in California, but, girl, don’t they warn you, it pours, man, it pours…”
By end of Week One, we were scheduled to move from our cozy Interior Sorority House location to the Exterior Sorority House location. But, as the first of many storms that would come to be foretold by all the meteorologists — with the steadiness of Chicken Little -– so became location change number 1.

Warm Interior Sorority House - Stacy, Kate, Michelle, Alex, Lisa, Gaby and Angela's back

Typically, when you schedule a film you have what is called a “Cover Set.” A Cover Set is generally an interior set or location that you can substitute for one of your exterior locations in case of the occasional rain day. Occasional rain day. Occasional rain day! I just wanted to say that again -– occasional! Not a monsoon! Not in LA!

Well, yes, I might describe the weather from December through February as a GIRLTRASH: The Monsoon. The weather almost turned GIRLTRASH: All Night Long into GIRLTRASH: All Year Long! Our schedule called for us to shoot more than half of our days in Exterior Locations. Instead, we kept being forced to shoot all we could inside and dance around IN the rain with our exterior days.

Int. The Knitting Factory

So stopping and starting was the rhythm to be … it certainly was challenging, but like anything worth doing, it IS worth doing right!

We won our perpetual battle with Mother Nature! We officially wrapped on February 15, 2010 — a dry and dark night, in a downtown Los Angeles parking lot. The following Friday, February 19 was our wrap party and true to form, our Swim, Jacuzzi, Mariachi Fiesta was pelted with torrential rains, but also true to form for the GIRLTRASH: All Night Long cast and crew, we weathered the storm and partied like we just didn’t care.

Next week: The Mentees! or How many people traveled from all over the world to come hang, learn, participate in GIRLTRASH: All Night Long.

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Lawyers, the law, negotiations, points, concessions, arguments or hey…it’s fucking taking too long.

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In March 2009, Lisa Thrasher and I decided to greenlight “GIRLTRASH: All Night Long — the movie.” Like we had done before with “ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE,” we started with an idea.  Angela Robinson called Lisa and me to a meeting at her office with her and her wife, Alex Kondracke, who was 5 months pregnant at the time. They pitched us the movie.

“We have all the same actors ready to go and we want to make it a musical that takes place in all one night,” Robinson spouted off.  “Ok, where is the script?” I asked. Robinson, who is one of the most prolific writers assured me that, when she wrote it, I would love it. Oh, and one more surprise, she wanted Alex to direct.  Robinson, by then, had become a major player in television and was a co-executive producer on HUNG – created by POWER UP filmmaker Colette Burson – and was therefore unavailable to direct the feature.  For many producers this would have been a deal breaker, but for me, the self-proclaimed “queen of the virgin” that was no big deal. In my professional career, prior to launching POWER UP, I was considered an expert in (or maybe crazy for) working with first time directors.  In my own defense, this was not done by choice but rather circumstance.

Stacy, Rose, Kate, Alex, Angela and Mandy

OK, so here we go: With our money in the bank and a script to be written from an idea based on characters created in a successful web series by Angela, we agreed to move forward.  Our original plan for production was to be late summer 2009. This would give Alex a chance to birth her baby and get back on her feet. It would also give Angela a chance to write the script. Of course it also meant we would have to do contracts, negotiations and a lot of pushing and explaining back and forth.  Over the next several months, we would hook up and discuss, negotiate and concede. More time would pass, again discuss, negotiate, and concede. Early November, Angela called with good news and bad. Good news: we had a script that she felt ready to share. Bad news: we would have to start production right away due to actors’ schedule conflicts in early January.

Ok so now, our obstacles are: agreement between parties, not signed; we had less than our needed 6 week pre-production; a first time director; and of course our biggest obstacle a tiny budget for an extremely ambitious production schedule.  OR, what the fuck, we are out of time!  A few days spend on the phone and in meetings with attorneys, and the four main players, Stacy, Lisa, Angela and Alex and the 8 months of negotiations finally comes to an end.  Contracts signed.

Pre-production in half the time we’d planned. With casting already in place, we did breathe a sigh of relief in the hopes that we’d be able to do the impossible: prep in 3 weeks.  Johnny and Lisa – of rock band Killola – had been writing music for the film since the summer and their awesome songs were pre-recorded and ready to go. Our script was ready, charming, funny and fun as expected. The director had been working on her shot lists and developing her vision. Our work was cut out for us. Crew, locations, design, style, rehearsal, equipment, insurance, permits, vehicles, hair cuts, catering and of course more negotiations, points, concessions, arguments with all parties concerned.

Principal Photography started December 1, 2009.

Next week:
El Niño – aka how an 18-day shoot became 28.

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How “GIRLTRASH: All Night Long” came to be.

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Blog number 2: Hey I am a blogger. That really feels weird to say. Been wanting to blog again since my first blog about the wrap party, but don’t know the blog etiquette yet. Would it be weird to blog daily, or do I appear uncaring if I do it once a week? There hasn’t been any movie yet to teach me the protocol of blogging. Waiting for Meg Ryan to do “You’ve Got Blog,” or maybe not.

How “GIRLTRASH: All Night Long” came to be. When I started POWER UP one of the most important programs we had was the Filmmaking Grant Program. There, we would match directors and writers together and we produced their short film. These films were shot once a year and we made three (3) of them at the same time. This program put POWER UP on the map. A complete success. Each year the program produced a film that was an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival. POWER UP produced the most award winning short films seen by more people all over the world. This was the beginning.

In 2002 we had a little script written by a young women who won the opportunity to have her script made as well as the opportunity to be a director. Even though it was our mandate to mix up writers and directors, common sense and knowing a good thing when it’s standing right in front of me allowed me to give Angela Robinson her big opportunity. “D.E.B.S.,” the little movie that could, was born. So, I make it sound easy, but it didn’t happen with out a strong phone call from Jamie Babbit calling me “an idiot” if I didn’t read the script and fight for it.  A POWER UP employee was overstepping their bounds and burying the script because she thought it would be to expensive to make. All things got straightened out and a read of the script “D.E.B.S” by me changed the course of history for Angela and POWER UP.

The folklore goes that this was one of those very rare occasions were everything lined up just right. Angela made a fresh, fun, funny film. We premiered the film at our annual fundraiser The Power Premiere, where the president of Showtime was being honored. That night Showtime’s President requested we go pitch them “D.E.B.S.” as a TV series, Ilene Chaiken asked me to introduce her to Angela (she had just filmed the pilot of her TV show “the l-word” and thought Angela would be a great addition to her writing staff), and producer/manager Larry Kennar chased Angela to the parking lot see if he could represent her. As they say, the rest is history.

Lisa Thrasher, Stacy Codikow, Angela Robinson, Andrea Sperling, Jamie Babbit

We went to Sundance with the short, Screengems bought the rights to make the feature “D.E.B.S.” with Angela directing, Angela was hired on “the l word” and Hollywood History was made.

Angela, you could say, is the greatest success story directly linked to POWER UP

Angela Robinson, Colette Burson (co-creator of HUNG), Stacy Codikow & Lisa Thrasher

and of course we have been wanting to work with her again for a long time.

After the success of “Itty Bitty Titty Committee” and POWER UP’s foray into feature films was solidified, we began developing projects for our second feature. Many good writers and projects came our way and the development process was and is proceeding.
A few times over the past two years Angela has read and given thoughts and notes on some of our projects. Early 2009 when Lisa (my partner on and off the field) and I had raised enough money to produce POWER UP’s second feature we asked Angela if she had a project she wanted to do. Knowing Angela’s talent and the fact that she has two sequels for “D.E.B.S.,” I wasn’t at all surprised that she pitched us “GIRLTRASH” as a movie based on her successful webseies “GIRLTRASH.” Angela is full of ideas and what is so cool about that is she has tons of ideas for projects she’s done, or doing, or will do. She has many different versions and scenarios for how things could go with these character’s she creates and loves. I think her passion as a writer make you fall in love with these characters as well.


So how did a little gritty web-series made with small equipment and running around the city of LA hiding from the law become “GIRLTRASH: All Night Long” the rock musical comedy that we just wrapped? Come back next week.

Meanwhile we have 2 spots left in this weekends POWER UP workshop. The ultimate directing workshop with Angela Robinson in Los Angeles. Please check it out.

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GIRLTRASH: That’s a Wrap

Posted in GIRLTRASH on February 20th, 2010 by Stacy Codikow

So here I go, my first attempt to blog and I must say it feels a little strange to write in a such a conversational fashion, but if you bear with me I think I could get the hang of this.

I am trying to imagine you sitting across from me and us just chatting. So, I sip a little water and, I continue. A little background here. Ten years ago I founded a non-profit organization called POWER UP: Professional Organization of Women in Entertainment Reaching Up. The mission: to promote the visibility and integration of gay women in all forms of media. The reality: POWER UP is the only non-profit studio and educational organization in the world that teaches, develops films, produces and distributes films. We are unique, we are needed, and we are original.

From the get-go POWER UP has financed and produced short films for talented up and coming storytellers and filmmakers. I have been running the company as a full time volunteer since its inception. I raise the money, plan the events to raise money, run the workshops and educational seminars and executive produce all the films to make it happen. The POWER UP Films have been the most successful GLBTQ films (but that will be another blog entry for a different day).

Today, I am jumping forward 10 years because I am excited to share all about GIRLTRASH: All Night Long. Even though it makes me a little uncomfortable to skip ahead (because there is so much more about how all of this came to be), I do so because it’s what this blog is primarily about. So, for now, I start at the end.

The Wrap Party: The Wrap Party is the end of principal photography. We started shooting GIRLTRASH December 1st, 2009 and ended February 15th, 2010. Under normal circumstances that is not an unusual amount of time to shoot a feature film. But for POWER UP, it was a lot. Our 18-day shoot turned into and 28-day shoot because of holidays, family losses, booked actors, a lot of RAIN and sick actors.

But we were talking about the wrap party. A party where the cast and crew celebrate completion of principal photography (shooting the movie). Last night my girlfriend, Lisa Thrasher, (the producer) and I hosted the wrap party at our home in the Hollywood Hills.

The invitation called for: GIRLTRASH: All Night Long THE OFFICIAL WRAP Cast & Crew PARTY Fiesta! Swim, Jacuzzi, Drinks, Appetizers, Laugh, Mariachi Band and more!

So in keeping with filming of GIRLTRASH, it rained. The party was great but I for one was disappointed that my 90-degree pool and 100-degree Jacuzzi sat empty.

The Guests: We had over 100 guests all looking relax and rested for the first time since I have seen the gang late Monday. The Mariachi Band played as guests arrived and then strolled through the house entertaining…at one point Michelle Lombardo danced with the band to roars from the crowd. I think Johnny Dunn from Killola was doing shots as the banded played his request for the Doors.

We served chips and salsas, taquitos with guacamole, shrimp, salami and assorted cheeses, nuts, fruits and desserts. Cast members that were in attendance were Lisa Rieffel & Johnny Dunn and Killola, Kelly Ogden and the Dollyrots, Kate French, Malaya Rivera Drew, Michelle Lombardo, Mike O’Connell, Gaby Christian, and Rose Rollins. Everybody, ate, drank, laughed, ate and drank more. Alex Kondracke and Angela Robinson held court in the kitchen most of the night, a very popular place to be.

Behind-the-Scenes & Spoof: One of the highlights of the night was videographer Thad’s six-minute, behind-the-scenes blooper reel which showcased lots of fun making the film. The surprise of the evening was a film created by the electricians Stephanie Yang and Vanessa Wolf that starred many of the crew in a spoof of GIRLTRASH. I must say I was excited to see the talents of all three filmmakers here and the creative energy it took to create fun stuff.

I watched the electricians’ film/spoof with Rose Rollins in the room, the crew wore wigs and some of the actors costumes. Rose was busting up laughing at the portrayal of her character Monique played by Vanessa. Lisa, Angela and I need to discuss putting both films on the DVD as an extra bonus (they are that good). Gaby brought Lisa and I a little gift, which was so thoughtful and lovely. All in all this party was a smash, not a rowdy, cops called all night long party like the Itty Bitty Titty Committee wrap party, but a super fun and really nice party to celebrate our hard work and a creative endeavor for which I for one am extremely proud.

Welcome to the GIRLTRASH film blog!

Posted in GIRLTRASH on February 8th, 2010 by Cyndi

We are nearing the end of production on GIRLTRASH: All Night Long, the feature film based on the very successful web series.  Even though we’re just now getting the blog up, don’t worry, you’re going to get lots of details, lots of images and lots of video about the making of GIRLTRASH: All Night Long!