How “GIRLTRASH: All Night Long” came to be.

Blog number 2: Hey I am a blogger. That really feels weird to say. Been wanting to blog again since my first blog about the wrap party, but don’t know the blog etiquette yet. Would it be weird to blog daily, or do I appear uncaring if I do it once a week? There hasn’t been any movie yet to teach me the protocol of blogging. Waiting for Meg Ryan to do “You’ve Got Blog,” or maybe not.

How “GIRLTRASH: All Night Long” came to be. When I started POWER UP one of the most important programs we had was the Filmmaking Grant Program. There, we would match directors and writers together and we produced their short film. These films were shot once a year and we made three (3) of them at the same time. This program put POWER UP on the map. A complete success. Each year the program produced a film that was an official selection of the Sundance Film Festival. POWER UP produced the most award winning short films seen by more people all over the world. This was the beginning.

In 2002 we had a little script written by a young women who won the opportunity to have her script made as well as the opportunity to be a director. Even though it was our mandate to mix up writers and directors, common sense and knowing a good thing when it’s standing right in front of me allowed me to give Angela Robinson her big opportunity. “D.E.B.S.,” the little movie that could, was born. So, I make it sound easy, but it didn’t happen with out a strong phone call from Jamie Babbit calling me “an idiot” if I didn’t read the script and fight for it.  A POWER UP employee was overstepping their bounds and burying the script because she thought it would be to expensive to make. All things got straightened out and a read of the script “D.E.B.S” by me changed the course of history for Angela and POWER UP.

The folklore goes that this was one of those very rare occasions were everything lined up just right. Angela made a fresh, fun, funny film. We premiered the film at our annual fundraiser The Power Premiere, where the president of Showtime was being honored. That night Showtime’s President requested we go pitch them “D.E.B.S.” as a TV series, Ilene Chaiken asked me to introduce her to Angela (she had just filmed the pilot of her TV show “the l-word” and thought Angela would be a great addition to her writing staff), and producer/manager Larry Kennar chased Angela to the parking lot see if he could represent her. As they say, the rest is history.

Lisa Thrasher, Stacy Codikow, Angela Robinson, Andrea Sperling, Jamie Babbit

We went to Sundance with the short, Screengems bought the rights to make the feature “D.E.B.S.” with Angela directing, Angela was hired on “the l word” and Hollywood History was made.

Angela, you could say, is the greatest success story directly linked to POWER UP

Angela Robinson, Colette Burson (co-creator of HUNG), Stacy Codikow & Lisa Thrasher

and of course we have been wanting to work with her again for a long time.

After the success of “Itty Bitty Titty Committee” and POWER UP’s foray into feature films was solidified, we began developing projects for our second feature. Many good writers and projects came our way and the development process was and is proceeding.
A few times over the past two years Angela has read and given thoughts and notes on some of our projects. Early 2009 when Lisa (my partner on and off the field) and I had raised enough money to produce POWER UP’s second feature we asked Angela if she had a project she wanted to do. Knowing Angela’s talent and the fact that she has two sequels for “D.E.B.S.,” I wasn’t at all surprised that she pitched us “GIRLTRASH” as a movie based on her successful webseies “GIRLTRASH.” Angela is full of ideas and what is so cool about that is she has tons of ideas for projects she’s done, or doing, or will do. She has many different versions and scenarios for how things could go with these character’s she creates and loves. I think her passion as a writer make you fall in love with these characters as well.


So how did a little gritty web-series made with small equipment and running around the city of LA hiding from the law become “GIRLTRASH: All Night Long” the rock musical comedy that we just wrapped? Come back next week.

Meanwhile we have 2 spots left in this weekends POWER UP workshop. The ultimate directing workshop with Angela Robinson in Los Angeles. Please check it out.

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7 Responses to “How “GIRLTRASH: All Night Long” came to be.”

  1. Nickey Q in Ireland Says:

    Omg I love girltrash I have watched like a million times. I love the milby scene. I ordered a girltrash t-shirt and was wondering how long it would take to get to Ireland.
    Oh n I love Mandy and gabby!!!!

    Keep makin brill movies guys!

  2. Cris Says:

    Again sorry for my English, I am Brazilian then gets a little complicated … I once again congratulate you, watched DEBS and found it very funny, movie enjoyable to watch … also watch The L Word and I thought as much, so many stories linked to each other, showed a side of women and set about his sexuality … did not like vulgarity in other movies … beautiful scenes …

    I’m not a lesbian, but I usually notice this kind of film the beauty and sensuality …

    The series South of Nowhere (not now in Brazil but I could follow) capitalized on this side of naive about Ashley and Spencer very well played by Mandy and Gabby … note ten for the girls who transmit that love, respect and affection is independent of sexual orientation … congratulations to the actresses, they will surely have a great future working … whatever movie they want to do … they have a chemical legal to view and work very well together, surely the desire to watch more and more … the law is to know that are great friends and hope to continue like this … Girl Trash proves it once again, very good choice to invite them to participate …

    Congratulations to all the staff, actors rely on several people to be able to play their roles and who is often behind the cameras is not valued … all are parabens!!

    Angela, continue to have great ideas to brighten up people is a film, series or the web … here in Brazil people do not know much your movies, but maybe there is a more widespread … success, today and always!!

    Actually I apologize for not knowing how to write in English and I hope that the “online translator” to help me express all …

  3. WP Themes Says:

    Nice fill someone in on and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you as your information.

  4. Frances Says:

    Heya from South Africa! I have found your site on askjeeves. A+ content! Frances J. Marion x

  5. Mary Says:

    please can somebody tell me where can i watch the film?and what is the difference between girltrash all night long the movie and just film over??please give me some information

  6. Stacy Codikow Says:

    one is a webseries one is a movie. movie will be released in 2011

  7. Mary Says:

    thank you for answering but sorry will you tell me is going to be like THE L WORD?i mean a lot of series?or it will be just a movie?and no series?and please tell me where can i watch the all webseries?????????????thankssssssss

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